Cash disbursement service


It includes salary disbursements and financial disbursements to beneficiaries’ service.
To facilitate the salary payment process, ZainCash has added a new feature that distributes cash payments, whereby the process of disbursing funds is done electronically through the merchant's control panel. The control panel contains all the details of the employees and their salaries to make it easier for the merchant to disburse the salaries of his employees in a more accurate, easy, and secure manner

How does the disbursement service work?

  • The company/merchant needs first to register a business wallet, please register your business wallet here.
  • Employees/ beneficiaries register for ZainCash wallet through the nearest agents or mobile App; each employee will have a wallet identified by their mobile line.
  • The admin will log in by clicking here as follows:
  1. Phone number: enter the business wallet number starting at 964.
  2. Username: If Admin, keep the username empty.
  3. Password: enter the password that was received by email.
  4. PIN: enter the wallet PIN code received by SMS to the wallet number.
  • Admin to create users’ roles and permissions as follows:
  1. Manager: Upload disbursement lists, implement disbursement to lists, Approve/Reject disbursement lists, Reverse and refund transactions.
  2. Maker: Upload disbursement lists, Request a reverse or refund transaction.
  3. Approver: Approve disbursement lists, Reverse transactions, or Refund transactions.
  4. Reviewer: Review transactions, extract reports.
  • Maker user upload the disbursement list. 
  • Approver user Approve/Reject uploaded list by Maker.

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To carry out the money disbursement process, the merchant enters his secret code. It is worth noting that the money disbursement process begins at seven in the morning. You cannot cancel the request after pressing Submit.
As for the financial disbursement to the beneficiaries, it is done immediately to a huge number of individuals or companies all over Iraq electronically and simultaneously, whether one time or several times, or regularly.
ZainCash provides companies and organizations with effective, convenient, and secure solutions to pay and disburse funds instantly to numerous individuals or companies from all regions and parts of Iraq electronically and simultaneously, whether it is for one time, several times, or regularly. This will save the financial costs associated with the traditional methods of disbursing those payments.
The cash disbursement service from ZainCash pays the money immediately to the electronic wallets of the beneficiaries. After receiving the money, the beneficiary can keep it in his wallet from ZainCash or cash it from ZainCash agents all over Iraq.
Companies can also benefit from this service to disburse employee salaries or any type of payment on a periodic or fixed date and time, and humanitarian organizations can disburse financial grants to beneficiaries even in remote and isolated areas.


Why ZainCash Disbursement Solutions:

  • Efficient financial transfer process: ZainCash set-up an efficient and effective process for financial transfer to beneficiaries.
  • Secure systems and verifiable transactions: We implement the highest standards of security to ensure peace of mind for businesses and beneficiaries.
  • Strong coverage: ZainCash has thousands of agents all over Iraq. Locating the nearest agent has never been easier. A beneficiary can dial *260# from any Zain number or locate the closest agent via ZainCash mobile application. We are committed to growing our network to enhance our coverage by adding new agents based on business needs.
  • Insightful and transparent reporting:
  1. We provide insightful reporting based on business needs to monitor progress.
  2. We also provide a communication mechanism to instantly inform beneficiaries about disbursement, respond to inquiries round-the-clock, and reach them during inactivity.

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Cash disbursement service