Terms and conditions

Terms & Conditions Guide of ZainCash Service Subscription





This agreement sets out the terms and conditions which govern the Customer’s responsibilities and use of Iraq Wallet-ZainCash’s services. The acceptance of such terms shall also create a binding contract between the Customer and Iraq Wallet (ZainCash), who operate as a financial and payments service provider of online mobile payment services. .

By signing IraqWallet-ZainCash’s subscription form, the Customer accepts the terms and conditions herein. Every time you wish to use our site, please check the terms herein to ensure you understand the terms that apply at that time.




For the purposes of this Agreement, the following terms shall have the meanings set forth in their respective definitions:

The Service: The Electronic payment service provided by Iraq Wallet-ZainCash Company, which facilitate conducting the customer financial transactions, through which the registered customer shall use in accordance with the Central Bank of Iraq regulations; Electronic Signatures and Transactions Law No. 78 of 2012 and E-Payments Services Law No. 3 of 2014.

Iraq Wallet-ZainCash: company authorized by the Central Bank of Iraq specialized in offering  financial and payment services provided via mobile and the internet which facilitate conducting the customer financial transactions in alignment with the licensed services .

SIM Card: card that enables the customer to benefit from e-payment access and other services provided by IW through all mobile operators' networks.

ZainCash: trademark registered under Iraq Wallet Company used to refer to the service and its trading.

Customer: Duly approved recipient of Iraq Wallet -ZainCash . 

Registration Applicant: Any applicant who wishes to register to obtain the Service but has not been duly approved by Iraq Wallet -ZainCash.

Money Transfer: service that allows the transfer of electronic money via Zain Cash service between ZainCash users, customers, merchants, and agents , beside the other money transfer services that are licensed by Central Bank Of Iraq and Iraq Wallet-ZainCash announced about them once it launched .

ZainCash Customer Care Center: Iraq Wallet-ZainCash’s unified calling number, which can be found on Iraq Wallet-ZainCash’s official website zaincash.iq, for the purposes of responding to customer  enquiries and solving   any technical problems  encountered by customers .      

Money Laundering: any activities prohibited pursuant to the Iraqi anti- money laundering laws in force law in force. 

E- Account: it shall also be referred to as the Wallet Account, an account which is initiated and maintained by Iraq Wallet-ZainCash for the benefit of the customer upon their subscription . This account shall contain the amounts owned by the customer .

Customer deposit: the e-money that is available in the customer’s  wallet.

Distributor/Agent: the individual assigned and authorized exclusively by Iraq Wallet-Zain Cash to provide the services agreed upon in the “Zain Cash Agent Agreement”.

Distributor's services: the services and functions carried out by the Iraq Wallet-ZainCash’s distributors/agents, including  activation and facilitation of the in and cash out transactions as well as other services and transactions.

E-Money - Electronic money: the cash amount in the customer's account  which is virtually equal to the cash amount kept in the deposit account for the customer.

Fees: any fees required by Iraq Wallet -Zain Cash. 

Subscription Document: the terms and conditions included in this document, its appendices, and attachments which the Customer and any of its assignees are obliged to comply with to obtain the      Service.

Trust Account: the bank account that Iraq Wallet -ZainCash opened with approved banks, in which all funds belonging to clients, agents and distributors are organized and kept.


Service Subscription Requirements:


  • ZainCash services are available to all operator’s customers who own active SIMs. Any customer shall be eligible to apply for a wallet but ZainCash will only approve one wallet per individual.      
  • Registration for ZainCash services can be completed via the electronic know your customer’s form (KYC ) which is available on the ZainCash application , or via any authorized distributor/agent. It should be noted there are different types of wallets that require different KYC procedures as per instruction from the Central Bank of Iraq.
  • ZainCash’s Registration Applicant should certify that all information & documents provided are correct, complete, and precise. The requester is obliged to inform Iraq-Wallet -ZainCashimmediately via contact details that are available in IraqWallet-ZainCash official website zaincash.iq about the information and documents that were changed.
  • The authorized distributor/agent shall review the submitted documents  to verify that all requested fields are filled, the ID number is verified and any other relevant details are confirmed  and ensure all details are correct at all material times. 
  • Iraq Wallet -ZainCash has the right to refuse any registration for any reason it deems fit based on its sole discretion.  Iraq Wallet – Zain Cash uses its best efforts to promptly inform the Registration Applicant to correct the documents and the process of submitting them via available methods in order to complete the registration process.
  • Following the Registration Applicant’s submission of the required information for registration  through the agent, or by the applicant himself using  the e-KYC procedure, and obtaining the approval to register the Registration Applicant,  the Registration Applicant will receive an OTP to complete the registration online.
  • Upon registration with ZainCash service, the Customer will receive a welcome message that confirms the successful installation of the account.
  • Upon registering and approving the submitted documents and information to ZainCash, the Customer will receive a PIN to log in to the account and they will be able to use ZainCash services. The Customer may change the PIN at any time after activating the account through the ZainCash application.

ZainCash Conditions:


  • In the event that the assigned SIM is damaged, lost or robbed, the Customer should inform Iraq Wallet -ZainCash via the contact methods that available in Iraq Wallet-ZainCash official website zaincash.iq to suspend the wallet account , and the customer can inform the service operator immediately through the Customer Care Center of the mobile service operator in order to  mitigate the damage or recover the lost or robbed SIM and prevent any usage of the ZainCash services until the SIM is replaced or repaired. The Customer can also transfer his/her account from one registered SIM number to another after Iraq Wallet-Zain Cash confirms that there are no legal concerns  associated with the suspension of the registered number that may have arisen as a result of unauthorized activities such as fraud, money  laundering and terrorism financing.
  • Iraq Wallet - ZainCash has no right to disclose any personal information, documents or details  in relation to the Customer's account except if obliged by a government or judicial order or for  combating fraud, money laundering , terrorism financing.
  • The Customer should abide by any related instructions issued by Iraq Wallet - ZainCash from time to time and shared through it's available official channels  .

Suspension and Closure of Account and Services:


  • Iraq Wallet - ZainCash has the right to suspend, block or restrict ZainCash service (wholly or partly) without any prior notice or liability in the following cases:
  • if  Iraq Wallet - Zain Cash has reason to believe that the Customer's mobile, line or PIN used to obtain ZainCash services is used illegally, improperly, or criminally (or if they were used as such in the past) .    
  • In the event that any specialized legal, regulatory or governmental body or any other official authority of the same level commences an investigation against the Customer or any other acts that would detrimentally affect Iraq Wallet - ZainCash’s reputation .   
  • in the event that the Customer does not abide by the conditions, regulations, or relevant instructions of using ZainCash services including the terms of use .
  •   in the event that the Customer has informed Iraq Wallet - Zain Cash that any of the mobiles has been lost or robbed or that the PIN has been robbed or disclosed to another person.   
  • upon receiving a request from the Customer that is incumbent of account closure .
  • SIM usage and PIN are suspended or terminated and Unable to transfer the wallet account to another active SIM number .
  • The Customer's account is inactive for one year .
  • In the event of closing the customer's account permanently, any credit or debt in the account will be paid to the customer in the way that is determined by Iraq Wallet - Zain Cash and in alignment with the regulations of the Central Bank of Iraq. After validating the customer's identity through his official documents, Iraq Wallet - Zain Cash will inform the customer of the due date for the payment of the outstanding balance in the customer's account.
  • Iraq Wallet - Zain Cash shall not be held liable or accountable towards the Customer if any loss, defect, direct or indirect damage arises as a result of any misconduct by the Customer which leads to the account being closed or suspended.



  • Iraq Wallet – Zain Cash shall announce the Fees of the available services      on its official website zaincash.iq.
  • After successfully completing each ZainCash transaction, both the receiver and the sender will receive a notification from Iraq Wallet-ZainCash  that includes the details of the financial transaction informing them of the latest credit in their account and the transaction ID of the transaction and the transaction amount . All registrars in Iraq Wallet-ZainCash system are considered correct unless proven  otherwise.

The Security Side and Unauthorized Usage :


  • Each account has one PIN which grants access to the Customer.
  • The Customer only has the right to use the mobile and the PIN of the Customer's account to access ZainCash services.
  • The Customer is responsible for protecting the mobile and its correct use, and shall be responsible for keeping the secrecy of the PIN. The Customer may change the PIN of the e-wallet through the application
  • The Customer needs to provide all necessary identification to Iraq Wallet -ZainCash  and shall be prohibited from disclosing the PIN to anybody including the Customer Care employee.

Customer's Responsibility:


  • The Customer shall cover all fees and charges imposed by Iraq Wallet -ZainCash as a result of using the wallet PIN whether these transactions were carried out by the Customer or by another person authorized by the Customer.      
  • The Customer shall be liable for any money transfers which are made through his/her account. Any amounts transferred by the Customer electronically shall take immediate effect. ZainCash shall not be liable for any transfers made by the Customers and shall not reimburse the Customer for any transferred amounts even if the Customer was victim to a fraudulent activity. 
  • The Customer is responsible to provide accurate information and details and will be accountable for settling all conflicts without reverting to Iraq Wallet – Zain Cash.

Iraq Wallet- Zain Cash’s Responsibility:


Iraq Wallet - ZainCash keeps all the funds related to the value of the electronic money which is available in the customers' account in trusted local banks at the discretion of Iraq Wallet - Zain Cash, for the benefit of the customer, who will be the only beneficiary of these amounts. Where the value of the balance available in the account of those banks is equivalent to the sum of the balances in the customers' account.


Responsibility and Exceptions:


If the telecoms operator is obliged to change the Customer's number or to re-assign it as a result of a change in  regulatory decisions or for any other reason imposed by law, Iraq Wallet - Zain Cash shall be responsible to keep the Customer's personal account wherever this is feasible and transferring the account into another new mobile number. If this is not possible, Iraq Wallet - Zain Cash will pay the creditor the amount in the Customer's account to the Customer in cash.




  • Iraq Wallet – Zain Cash has the right to make the necessary changes on the terms of use and/or charges at any time without prior notice. Announcement of the changes will be on Iraq Wallet – Zain Cash’s official website zaincash.iq.
  • The Customer's continuous use of ZainCash services is considered an implicit agreement of the implemented changes   



  • The Customer should inform Iraq Wallet – Zain Cash immediately of any change on his/ her verification documents, private details and other details mentioned in the subscription request form.
  • The Customer agrees that Iraq Wallet – Zain Cash registers, maintains and stores  any information including personal information (which means all general KYC documents and information that apply to wallets as well as any further KYC requirements that apply depending on the type of wallet selected), chats with the Customer Care Center and the financial transactions of ZainCash service for documentary purposes even if the account is terminated.
  • The Customer is responsible for all financial transactions that are made through his/her account, and the Customer is obligated, to the extent necessary, to disclose information regarding any financial transactions to the relevant Iraq Wallet-ZainCash employee if any enquiries are made about the account.     
  • Iraq Wallet – Zain Cash owns all copyrights, trademarks, other intellectual copyrights used as part of ZainCash services or those included in the documents of Iraq Wallet – Zain Cash or those given to Iraq Wallet – Zain Cash according to a license.      
  • Iraq Wallet-Zain Cash has the right to send information to the Customer via SMS to the registered number on the subscription request form.
  • This document (or any amended copy) is considered an agreement which binds the Customer and must be complied with at all times.
  • This agreement and all its rights and obligations are related to the customer and shall not be assigned to any other person .
  • All rights and reparations mentioned in this agreement are accumulative and they do not exclude any rights or reparations stipulated by the law.

Applicable Law and Legal Specialty:


This Agreement shall be subject to and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Iraq. All disputes arising out of or in connection with this Agreement shall be settled by the courts of Iraq which shall have the sole jurisdiction to settle such disputes.