Terms and conditions

A guide to the terms and conditions for registration to the ZainCash service.


This agreement includes the terms and conditions governing the subscriber's use of ZainCash services, whereby its acceptance is a binding contract between the subscriber and the Iraq Wallet Company IW (as the company that provides electronic payment services through the Zain Iraq telephone communication network).

Signing the application form to subscribe to the ZainCash service is considered an acknowledgement by the subscriber to agree to these terms and conditions, or that can be viewed through the website of the Iraq Wallet Company or Zain Iraq Company on the Internet or in the shops selling the ZainCash service (please read This document very carefully).


The following words and expressions wherever mentioned in this Agreement shall have the meanings assigned to them below:

Service: ZainCash service, which is a service provided by the Iraq Wallet Company IW through which the customer registered in the service can transfer and receive funds within the borders of the Republic of Iraq according to these terms and through an intermediary network (Zain Iraq) by the specifications of the Electronic Signature and Electronic Transactions Law No. 78 of 2012 and the system Electronic payment services for funds No. 3 of 2014.

IW Iraq Wallet: means the Iraq Wallet company, a company that specializes in providing financial payment services via mobile phones, and has a license from the Central Bank of Iraq to provide electronic payment services through mobile phone companies, and it is the company that owns the Zain Cash brand.

Zain Iraq: means the Atheer Telecom Iraq Ltd., which is one of the Zain Group companies and is licensed by the Iraqi Media and Communications Commission to operate mobile phone service in Iraq. The role of Zain Iraq, according to this contract, is to act as an intermediary communications network between the subscriber and the Iraq Wallet Company without being a party in cash transactions between the aforementioned parties.

Subscription card or SIM means the card containing the subscriber's information issued by Zain Iraq and enables the subscriber to benefit and access the electronic payment service and other services provided by the Iraq Wallet Company through Zain's communications network.

ZainCash: A trademark registered in the name of the Iraq Wallet Company, as it is used to refer and commercialize the service.

Transferred Funds: It means the money that is transferred from service and distribution points to service customers using ZainCash service.

ZainCash service customer service centre: It means the unified contact number (107) that belongs to the service provider (Iraq Wallet Company) to respond to customer inquiries about the service and solve the technical problems faced by customers, which will be dedicated to communications 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Money Laundering: It means the activities prohibited under the provisions of Iraqi laws and legislations related to combating money laundering.

The electronic account means the subscriber's ZainCash account, which is the wallet that the Iraq Wallet Company creates and maintains for the subscriber upon subscription. The Iraq Wallet Company (the service provider) may specify from time to time.

Balance: it means the amount of electronic cash that is available in the credit balance in the subscriber's account.

Distributor / Agent: means the person appointed by the Iraq Portfolio to provide the distributor/agent services.

Distributor Services: It means those services and functions performed by distributors/agents related to ZainCash services, including receiving and activating subscription requests and facilitating incoming cash movements and outbound cash movements.

The default secret code: it means the secret code consisting of four (4) numbers, which is sent to the subscriber upon subscription to be used to activate the subscriber's account, which the subscriber must change to a new secret code immediately after that for security purposes.

Electronic cash: it means the cash amount in the subscriber’s account, where the subscriber’s eligibility for a value equal to the cash amount kept in the credit account.

Fees: This means the service subscription fee published by the Iraq Wallet Company.

Subscription document: It means the general terms and conditions included in this document, its appendices and attachments, which are binding on the customer and the legal successor to obtain the service.


Requirements for subscribing to the service:

  • ZainCash services are available to Zain Iraq network subscribers exclusively and with an active SIM card. Those wishing to subscribe must adhere to the subscription request with only one account.
  • ZainCash services can be subscribed through an authorized distributor/agent in Iraq by filling out the subscription application form, signing it and submitting it to the distributor/agent.
  • The applicant for the ZainCash service declares that all information provided is true, complete and accurate.
  • The distributor/agent reviews the application, including the subscription application form, to ensure that all fields are filled out. He also checks the ID number and any other details in the identification documents, and he may keep copies of the necessary documents.
  • Iraq Wallet has the right to stop any request to subscribe to the service in the event of any deficiency in the adherence or defect in the subscriber's documents, and Iraq Wallet works by taking the necessary measures to inform the subscriber of correcting or submitting the documents required to complete the registration process in the service.
  • The Iraq Wallet has the right to refuse to open an account if it is not convinced with the provided identification documents.
  • When the subscriber submits the subscription request to the ZainCash account with the distributor, the distributor will either issue a new SIM card (if necessary), and the Iraq Wallet will provide the subscriber with the default password. The distributor will initiate the procedures for registering the ZainCash service on the subscriber’s own active card. The subscriber is then provided with the default password.


Terms of ZainCash services

If the SIM card with the subscriber's number is damaged, lost or stolen, the subscriber must immediately inform Zain Iraq of this damage, loss or theft, by contacting the subscriber's service centre. Where the company (Zain Iraq) will stop the work of the damaged, lost or stolen SIM card to prevent the subsequent use of ZainCash services until the card is replaced or repaired. The subscriber can also transfer his account from one SIM card to another, but after Iraq, Wallet Company makes sure that there is no legal impediment that causes the card to be suspended through unauthorized activities such as fraud, money laundering and terrorist financing unless the person is on one of the blacklists.

The Iraq Wallet does not have the right to disclose any personal information or documents related to the subscriber, as well as disclose details of any activity on the subscriber's account, except for the competent authority to help prevent, disclose or prosecute fraud, money laundering, and terrorist financing activities.

The subscriber must adhere to any instructions issued by the Iraq Wallet from time to time related to ZainCash services.


termination of service

The Iraq Wallet Company has the right to suspend ZainCash services (partially or completely), block them, restrict them, or terminate them and/or close the account and/or suspend the use of the password or separate them without any liability on the Iraq Wallet company whatever it is and without notice in The following conditions:

  • If there is a reason for the Iraq Wallet to believe that the subscriber's mobile devices, subscriber line, or secret code used to obtain ZainCash services are being used in an unauthorized, illegal, inappropriate or fraudulent manner or in criminal activities (or they were used in that way previously).
  • If any other competent legal, regulatory or governmental enforcement agency or authority in the same place commences an investigation or other regulatory or executive measures against the subscriber, or for any other reason, Iraq Wallet considers according to its reasonable opinion that it will raise doubts about the reputation of the commercial Iraq portfolio.
  • If the subscriber does not observe any of the conditions, regulations or instructions related to the use of ZainCash services, including these terms of use.
  • If the subscriber notifies the Iraq Wallet that any of the mobile devices have been lost or stolen, or that the secret code has been stolen or has been disclosed to any other person.
  • Upon receiving a request from the subscriber to close the account.
  • If the subscriber's mobile number becomes inactive.
  • If the use of the SIM card and the secret code is suspended, disconnected or terminated, or in the event of the subscriber's account is closed, any credit balance in the account will be paid to the subscriber when he attends any centre of the Iraq Wallet Company and introduces himself by submitting the supporting documents. Where the exhibition employee will inform the subscriber about the time of receiving the amount after deducting the required commissions/fees (if any).
  • The credit balance in the subscriber's account is the right of the subscriber and his legal inheritors after him in the event of his death.

Iraq Wallet does not bear any responsibility towards the subscriber in any way for any direct, indirect, subsequent or special loss, malfunction or damage arising from any behaviour or omission of the subscriber in the event the account is closed or suspended according to this paragraph.

In the event of any defect in the operation of the service, it falls under the responsibility of (Zain Iraq) for any reason. Since the company (Zain Iraq) will undertake the necessary measures to repair the damage caused, and it will be among its responsibilities to bear the financial consequences that include financial compensation for the subscribers of the Iraq portfolio or any other material losses that may be caused to the Iraq wallet.


Iraq Wallet Company is obligated to announce the prices for using the available services in several ways, such as publishing them on the website, in newspapers, or through bulletins or sending text messages to subscribers, which are found in exhibitions and at authorized agents and distributors.

  • Deposit by purchasing electronic money (E-Money) from any outlet, distributor or point of sale.
  • Electronic money transfer (E-Money) locally from one person to another.
  • Recharge mobile phone balances.
  • Pay mobile bills for postpaid lines.
  • Cash withdrawal: the subscriber's ability to exchange electronic money for cash and in the Iraqi dinar currency exclusively and within the limits of the balance that can be withdrawn at any time through the approved points of sale for the ZainCash service and a certain fee paid by the subscriber, subject to change according to market variables. It should be noted that the subscriber can view the cost of cash withdrawals of funds for ZainCash services through the service website or messages sent to the subscriber in the event of any change in the prices/fees of the services.

After the successful completion of each ZainCash transaction, both the recipient and the sender will receive a short confirmation message that includes the identification of the financial transaction and notifying them of the latest balance in their related accounts. All records of the ZainCash system are considered correct unless proven otherwise.

The responsibility of verifying the accuracy of all information entered in connection with ZainCash is the responsibility of the subscriber, and the subscriber is solely responsible for settling all these disputes without referring to the Iraq Wallet.


Security aspect and unauthorized use

Each account has one secret code through which the subscriber can access the account.

The subscriber-only has the right to use the mobile device and the password for the subscriber's account in ZainCash services.

The subscriber is responsible for protecting his mobile device and using it correctly, and he is also responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of his secret code and preserving it from loss and for all ZainCash movements that take place through his account using his own secret code. In addition, the subscriber has the right to change the password of his electronic wallet through the USSD service list.

Although the subscriber has to identify himself when making any ZainCash movement using the mobile phone and the special secret code, he is prohibited from disclosing his secret code to any person, including the employee of the subscriber service centre and/or the employee at Zain centres.


Subscriber's responsibilities

The subscriber shall be responsible for all fees imposed on any ZainCash movement that is made using his password, including calls and other movements on the Zain network using the mobile device, whether those calls and other movements were made by the subscriber or by another person with an authorization or with knowledge. The subscriber or without them, and the subscriber is responsible for all fees for cash inbound and fees for cash out.

Iraq Wallet responsibility

The trusted bank keeps all the payments and other funds that are received in the credit account related to the electronic cash value recorded in the subscriber’s account (“credit amounts”) as a trust for the benefit of the subscriber and his benefit so that the subscriber is the person who is entitled to and benefits from those credit amounts, which are equivalent to the credit balance in the account. Joint. The subscriber hereby accepts the trustworthy bank's approval of the ZainCash system records as proof of disconnection

Liability and Exclusions
If you change, reallocate or reallocate the subscriber's calling code, the Iraq wallet is limited to maintaining the subscriber's account, where possible, and a new mobile phone number, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
This package appears at your wedding postal ceremony.

The changes
The Iraq wallet maintains where the advertisement was made in a daily newspaper, which is the authenticity of messages, SMS, SMS, SMS, SMS, SMS, SMS, SMS, SMS, SMS, SMS, SMS or messages SMS or SMS or outside.
The subscriber's continued use of ZainCash services, his tacit approval of the changes made above.

General Provisions
Pay a fee against a fee for an exchange fee.
He shall immediately notify the Iraq Portfolio of any change to his details included in the application form.
The joint subscriber between the subscribed users and his ZainCash transactions for authentication. Even if the account has been cancelled.
Iraq Wallet owns all copyrights, trademarks, intellectual property rights and other intellectual property rights, or those contained in Iraqi ownership documents, or those granted to Iraq Wallet under license. The subscriber acknowledges that he has no absolute claim to any of these rights.
The information is sent to the subscriber via SMS on the mobile phone number specified for contact in the mail order form.
This panel is considered one of the pictures, or any other image.
This comment may be referred to.
Its rights, compensation and compensation.

Law application and jurisdiction
This contract is subject to and interpreted according to its presentation in the Republic of Iraq in force and force, and disputes arising therefrom or arising from it shall be referred