Corporate Wallet

Corporate Wallet 

ZainCash wallet offers diverse and developed services to meet the needs and requirements of your enterprise and help you to improve your business and support your customers by providing top tier payment service via ZainCash payment solutions.


Corporate Wallet Features:

  • Electronic Payroll service for employees via an enterprise dedicated control panel to complete the process in a more precise, secure, and convenient way.
  • E-Payment service via ZainCash Wallet through ZainCash Mobile Application.
  • Improved revenue collection for your business benefiting from wide geographic coverage, and availability of different payment options:
  1. Payment via linking with the electronic payment gateway on your website or mobile application.
  2. Payment via service providers within the ZainCash application for customers.
  3. Payment via ZainCash agent's application
  4. Payment via QR Code. 
  • A remarkable decrease in collection costs commonly accompanies traditional collection procedures.
  • Enhanced operational efficiency as a consequence of the development and automation of systems and other traditional procedures.
  • Top tier security and control measures on payments with real-time reports including detailed transactions.
  • Adding ZainCash as a payment method to your website, application, or store.
  • Electronically and directly receive money, and pay bills from your customers.
  • Thousands of authorized ZainCash agents all over Iraq regions and governorates to help you receive and deposit money. 

Required Documents

Wallet type Validity Date Required Document

Corporate wallet

No Expiry Date
  • Company registration certificate
  • Minutes of Meeting
  • Company Memorandum of Association
  • Rental contract or title deed
  • Company bank account.
  • The national ID of the CEO and the shareholders of the company.
  • Fill "Know Your Customer" (KYC) form.