WalletCard (Mastercard)

WalletCard (Mastercard) with a lot of features makes your life easy


Multi-currency international Mastercard® linked to your ZainCash Wallet ideal for online shopping, advertising on social media, travel safely, also can be used globally for POS payments and ATMs.

What are “WalletCard” Benefits?

  • Shop from millions of international e-commerce websites Easily and Safely.
  • Purchase from international merchants without exchange rates fees.
  • Cash-out from millions of ATMs around the world.
  • Pay at POS in stores, cafes, and restaurants across the world.
  • Easily check your balance and transaction history through the ZainCash application.
  • 24/7 customer support Secured by a chip and a PIN.


How to buy a wallet card:

  • Enter the wallet number, and then press the verification option.
  • Write the received OTP verification code sent via text message to your phone number.
  • The name to be printed on the card in English will appear (this name is not editable; you can modify the name by contacting customer service before purchasing the card and resubmitting the request).
  • Choose the governorate and the approved ROS center from which you want to receive the card.
  • An electronic payment window will open to pay the card issuance fee through the wallet. You must enter the wallet number and PIN to purchase the card.
  • Write the received OTP verification code sent via text message to your phone to complete the payment process.
  • Press "Confirm Payment" to complete the order.
  • Congratulations! Your card purchase order has been successfully received! You will see the order details, including the wallet number, order number, and order receipt date.


  • Make sure to bring your personal ID and Zain Cash wallet when you go to the center to collect your card.
  • You must have an active Zain Cash wallet before requesting the card, and ensure it is not linked to a previous card.

(Make sure to cancel any Wallet Card from the application if you have one).


How to activate the WalletCard?

  • Open ZainCash application.
  • Select “WalletCard”.
  • Select “Activation”.
  • Enter the 9 digit number in the bottom left of the card and press “send”.
  • Enter your ZainCash wallet PIN.
  • You will receive your WalletCard PIN by SMS to use it.

Note: the PIN code you recived is for the WalletCard and only used for POS payment and ATMs.


How to Cash-in WalletCard from ZainCash App

  • Open ZainCash App.
  • Select "WalletCard" from the main menu.
  • Choose the type of amount  IQD or USD.
  • Enter the amount and Click "Submit".

For more information, contact us on WhatsApp: www.ZainCash.support


WalletCard Limits and Fees

Top-up Daily Count 5
Top-up Daily Limit Depends on wallet's daily limits
Top-up Monthly Limit 5,000,000 IQD \  3,787$
WalletCard Balance Limit 5,000,000 IQD \  3,787$
ATM-Cash Monthly Limit Internationally 1,136$
ATM-Cash Monthly Limit locally

3,960,000 IQD

ATM-Cash Daily Limit Internationally 113$
ATM-Cash Daily Limit locally 2,000,000 IQD
ATM-Maximum cash limit for a single transaction Depends on the Issuer Bank
POS Purchase Daily Limit Internationally 379$
POS Purchase Monthly Limit Internationally 3,787$
E-Commerce Daily Limit Internationally 379$
E-Commerce Monthly Limit Internationally 3,787$
POS Purchase Monthly Limit locally 5,000,000 IQD
POS Purchase Trx Limit Internationally without PIN 23$
POS Purchase Trx Limit locally without PIN 50,000 IQD
POS Purchase Daily Trx Limit locally & Internationally without PIN 150,000 IQD / 114$
POS Purchase Monthly Trx Limit locally & Internationally without PIN 500,000 IQD / 379$
POS Purchase Trx Daily count 5
POS Purchase Trx Monthly count Open
WalletCard Top-Up fees 500 IQD / 0.38$
E-Commerce fees Internationally 1.5% - 0.75 $ minimum
E-Commerce fees locally 0
Expired Card Redemption Fees 15$/ 18,000 IQD
Transfer From WalletCard to Wallet 0.5%
ATM Withdrawal Internationally 3$+6% minimum 5$
ATM Withdrawal locally Depends on the Issuer Bank
POS Purchase localy 0


For more informations contact us through WhatsApp www.ZainCash.support