ZainCash services fees

ZainCash Services Fees

Service Description Fees
Money Transfer Transfer money from ZainCash wallet to any ZainCash wallet inside Iraq 0.25%
Cash-in from Visa and Mastercard Cash-in to ZainCash wallet from Mastercard or Visa 1.75%
Cash-in from NBI (National Bank of Iraq) NBI’s clients cash-in their wallet directly from their bank account Free
Cash-out at Agents Cash-out at agent 0.7%
Cash-in to WalletCard (Mastercard) Cash-in to WalletCard (Mastercard) from ZainCash Wallet Free
Mastercard e-commerce transaction e-Commerce transaction by WalletCard (Mastercard) 0.5$/600IQD
Cash-out at ATMs WalletCard holders cash-out from ATMs Depends on Bank
WalletCard Redemption Expired WalletCard Redemption 0.5$/18,000IQD

Cash-out Fees From Agents

Service Fees
Permanent Wallet 0.70%
Light Wallet 1%
NBI Customer Wallet 0.60%
Salary Wallet 0.50%


Cash-in Fees Through Agents

From To Fees
- 100,000 IQD 250 IQD
101,000 IQD  250,000 IQD 500 IQD
251,000 IQD 750,000 IQD 1,250 IQD
751,000 IQD 1,250,000 IQD 2,500 IQD
1,251,000 IQD 1,750,000 IQD 3,750 IQD
1,751,000 IQD 2,500,000 IQD 5,000 IQD

Cash-In ThCash-In Through Agentsroukkdldldldldldlddgh Agents

ZainCash services fees