WalletCard (Mastercard)

WalletCard (Mastercard) with a lot of features makes your life easy


Multi-currency international Mastercard® linked to your ZainCash Wallet ideal for online shopping, advertising on social media, travel safely, also can be used globally for POS payments and ATMs

What are “WalletCard” Benefits?

  • Shop from millions of international e-commerce websites Easily and Safely.
  • Purchase from international merchants without exchange rates fees.
  • Cash-out from millions of ATMs around the world.
  • Pay at POS in stores, cafes, and restaurants across the world.
  • Easily check your balance and transaction history through the ZainCash application.
  • 24/7 customer support Secured by a chip and a PIN.


How to Cash-in WalletCard from ZainCash App

  • Open ZainCash App
  • Select "WalletCard" from the main menu
  • Choose the type of amount  IQD or USD
  • Enter the amount and Click "Submit"


  • How to buy your “WalletCard”?
  • Visit the nearest Zain store to buy the card. You can locate the nearest Zain store by selecting “WalletCard”, then select “Nearest Store” in ZainCash App.

  • Visit the store and buy a “WalletCard” from the store at a price of 15,000 IQD

  • How to activate the WalletCard?


How to activate the WalletCard?

  • Open ZainCash application
  • Select “WalletCard”
  • Select “Activation”
  • Enter the 9 digit number in the bottom left of the card and press “send”
  • Enter your ZainCash wallet PIN
  • You will receive your WalletCard PIN by SMS to use it.


WalletCard Limits and Fees


Top-up Minimum Limit


12,500 IQD

Top-up Daily Limit


6,000,000 IQD

Top-up Daily Count



Top-up Monthly Limit


24,000,000 IQD

WalletCard Balance Limit


12,000,000 IQD

ATM-Cash Daily Limit


2,000,000 IQD

ATM-Cash Monthly Limit


7,375,000 IQD

POS Purchase Daily Limit


14,750,000 IQD

POS Purchase Monthly Limit


29,500,000 IQD

E-Commerce Daily Limit


14,750,000  IQD

E-Commerce Monthly Limit


29,500,000 IQD


WalletCard Top-Up fees

$ 0.34

500 IQD

E-Commerce fees


900 IQD  

Expired Card Redemption Fees


18,000 IQD

Transfer From WalletCard to Wallet



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