Customers no longer need a wallet to pay for your services…they can pay at an agent or through a friend:

Now, even if the buyer does not have a Zain Cash wallet, the buyer can still select Zain Cash to pay for your online service or product. He simply can choose to pay in cash at a Zain Cash agent or through a friend’s Zain Cash wallet.

For example, if a buyer wishes to book an airline ticket or purchase a product online from a website or mobile application that accepts Zain Cash as payment, however, the buyer doesn’t currently have a Zain Cash wallet, the individual can still select Zain Cash and choose to pay at one of our thousands of agents or through a friend/colleague who owns a Zain Cash wallet.

How does it work?

  • The buyer will select Zain Cash as the payment method at the e-commerce payment page
  • If you own a wallet, choose “Pay by Wallet”, or you can choose “Pay through an agent or friend”.
  • Once the buyer has clicked “Pay through an agent or friend”, a short code will be generated as well as a map to show the nearest Zain Cash
  • Go to a Zain Cash agent or a friend, submit the 6 characters buying code. The agent or friend will enter this information in the specified place of payment.
  • Process done! Receive your purchases!
  • Note: 2,000 s will be deducted electronically as a commission for the agent.