Cash Disbursement Solution

Zain Cash provides your business with a robust cash disbursement solution providing efficient, convenient, and cost effective method to disburse funds to a large number of beneficiaries across Iraq, including urban and rural areas.

The solution allows businesses to disburse funds to beneficiaries’ mobile wallets, which can then be maintained in the wallet, cashed-out from a Zain Cash agent, or used for one of Zain Cash mobile services: peer-to-peer transfers, pay bills, buy e-products, buy products online, top-up prepaid phone balance and more.

This solution is usually adopted by businesses to disburse salaries to their employees or by humanitarian organizations to disburse cash assistance to beneficiaries in remote areas.

Why Zain Cash Cash Disbursement Solutions:

  • Robust technology platform: Zain Cash deploys a platform that is available in 54 countries and used by 120 million subscribers worldwide. It obtains 99.999% availability and is backed by data recovery centres.

  • Efficient financial transfer process: Zain Cash set-up an efficient and effective process for financial transfer to beneficiaries. Platform instantly transfers e-money from business wallet to beneficiaries’ wallets and each individual receives instant notification via SMS.

  • Secure systems and verifiable transactions: We implement the highest standards of security to ensure peace of mind to the businesses and beneficiaries. Today, we implement:
    • 2-factor authentication, i.e., what you own (phone), and who you are (passcode)
    • Compliant with CBI security requirements

  • Strong coverage: Zain Cash has thousands of agents throughout Iraq and locating the agent has never been easier. A beneficiary can dial *260# from any Zain line or locate the closest agent via Zain Cash mobile application. We also set-up new agents and coverage based on business needs.

  • Insightful and transparent reporting:
    • We provide insightful reporting based on business needs to monitor progress
    • We also provide a communication mechanism to instantly inform beneficiaries at disbursement, respond to inquiries round-the-clock, and reach them during inactivity

* Salary distribution service

To facilitate payment of salaries, for example, employees’ salaries, Zain Cash has added a new feature to facilitate the process of payment of money instead of cash payment, where the distribution of funds is done electronically through the control panel of the merchant.

This feature is a way to make it easier for the merchant to distribute salaries in a more precise, easy and secure manner.

How does the payroll service work?

1.The merchant logs into the merchant’s dashboard of Zain Cash clicks on the list of employees or creates a new list of employees.

If the merchant has already a list of employees set-up, the merchant will select the names and wallet numbers of the beneficiaries, for example, the employees, to pay them.

Also, the merchant can create a new list of employees and add their details: names and wallet number, or can upload the information through excel.

2.The merchant then clicks “Pay Now" In order to distribute the payment. The merchants enters the PIN of the wallet to authenticate and proceed. The payment distribution process begins at 7:00 am. You cannot cancel the order after clicking “submit"!