Pay with QR Code

What is the QR code?

The QR code is a form of payment for services and products through the ZainCash wallet. The customer points their camera at the QR code and pays directly to the merchant within seconds. It is an easy, secure, and innovative way to pay. It is one of the payment methods available automatically for all ZainCash customers and also provides the possibility of refunding money to users



How can I submit a request to receive payments through the QR service?

You must own a ZainCash Business wallet. In order to be able to own a ZainCash Business wallet, please send a wallet registration request by filling in the registration form from here, and one of the ZainCash Business Development team will contact you and help you complete the registration and create a QR code for you immediately.

Benefits and features of accepting QR code payments?
  • Comfortable customer and merchant experience You don't need to carry anything with you. Your money is all within your reach through the ZainCash app
  • QR code generation process is free
  •  Inexpensive: You will not need to pay a number of exorbitant fees in order to enjoy the QR Code service
  • Secure: The QR Code Payment service is the most secure electronic means for making purchases. With it, you will not be exposed to electronic fraud, and you will not need to carry cards or money, and you will not be exposed to theft.
  • Easy to use: The service is configured to be responsive with ease and convenience.
How can you cash-out your money after receiving it from your customers?

You can visit any of the ZainCash agents and cash-out money from your wallet whenever you want.