Cash-out using IRIS project

What is UNHCR-Iris Guard?

It's a partnership program between ZainCash, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and IRIS Guard, which ensures a smooth process of providing financial assistance to refugees and beneficiaries by verifying the identity of the beneficiary using an eye print (Iris-scan) and cash-out grants through ZainCash agents.

What are the main steps or required documents that the beneficiary needs for a successful grant cash-out process?

After you visit your selected agent, it will be necessary to do the following:

  • You must bring your phone to show the text message sent to you by the organization so that the agent can make sure that you are included in the payment.
  • Take your eye print to verify your identity.
  • Then the money is successfully cash-out from the agent.
  • After the money is cashed-out, the receipt will be automatically printed from the agent’s device, which shows all the details of the cash-out process. The beneficiary person and the agent must sign the receipt to ensure the rights of both parties and according to the instructions, with the need for both parties to receive a copy of it and keep it.
Are all ZainCash agents able to Cash-out funds via IRIS?

No selected agents offer this service.

How can I know which ZainCash agents are authorized to cash-out funds by iris scan?

You will be provided with the names and addresses of ZainCash Agents that provide iris scanning by the organization

Are there commissions for cash-out the financial grant?

No, the process of cash-out the financial grant is free (and all commissions are paid to agents by ZainCash.

Note that if one of the agents takes additional commissions from the beneficiaries, it will be considered an explicit violation. The beneficiary can file a complaint by calling the customer service number 107 or contacting through the email info@zaincash. iq with the name and address of the agent’s office, the date of the cash-out process, the amount of the additional commission amount, the transaction number and the complainant’s phone number to contact him

Why should I sign the agent's receipt of the amount?

To guarantee your rights and the rights of the agent regarding receipt of payment

Why can't I cash-out part of the amount?

According to the instructions of UNHCR, the entire amount must be cash-out by the beneficiary

Why is my iris not showing up? Or my eye print appeared, but I did not have a financial allocation and my information did not appear, what should I do?

Please check with UNHCR to make sure your information is registered, or contact the organization. Phone numbers:
Erbil: 07517197939 or 07517106365
Sulaymaniyah: 07510147169
Dohuk : 07517481430

When will the next grant be paid?

Grants are launched by the UNHCR, and we do not have a fixed date for the payment of grants. Note when the grant is launched, a text message will be sent to your personal phone informing you of receipt of the grant.

I received the text message about the financial grant, but I deleted it by mistake, what should I do?

Please go to one of the authorized ZainCash agents for the iris cash-out process for the purpose of verifying the availability of the grant by scanning the iris of the eye in the program, or contacting the organization on the phone numbers below:
Erbil: 07517197939 / 07517106365
Sulaymaniyah: 07510147169
Dohuk : 07517481430

What happens if I receive the text message about the grant, but the beneficiary is late in cash-out and has not adhered to the specified period?

The money will be returned to the UNHCR wallet and he will only be able to receive it when it is time to receive the next payment or contact the organization. Phone numbers:
Erbil: 07517197939 / 07517106365
Sulaymaniyah: 07510147169
Dohuk : 07517481430